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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 07/05/2021

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👷‍♂️ POSDAO Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 55.
****There are 16 validator pools with 261 delegators staking a total of 578,082 STAKE, a 30K+ increase in amount staked from the previous week.

High pool APY is currently 19.07%, low is 12.89% (stats as of 07/05/2021 17:00 UTC).

📊 Network Statistics

We use a variety of tools to view xDai Metrics including:

Total OverView: BlockScout

  • 1.1Million Wallets
  • 23 Million Total Transactions

April 2021 Usage: AnyBlock Analytics

  • 4.2 Million Transactions
  • 1 Trillion Gas Usage
  • 46 Thousand Distinct Senders

Utilization by Project: Dune Analytics

May 6 Snapshot:

  • Other: 83023
  • Perpetual Protocol: 54127
  • RANDAO (on-chain random number generation): 7103
  • Honeyswap: 3811
  • Bao Finance: 1426
  • AMB Bridge: 1288
  • xDai Bridge: 579

Bridged Token Analytics

Bridged Token Heatmap by Value:

Top 10 according to

STAKE$6.71Mnote: missing locked validator tokens, actual value $13,780,797 USD

✏️ Protocol Updates

Berlin Hardfork on xDai

The date and block number have been announced for the xDai upgrade to Berlin. All validators and any projects using xDai should update their nodes. (OpenEthereum v3.2.5, Nethermind v1.10.67)

  • Date: May 17
  • Block: #16101500

Client Support

Both OpenEthereum and Nethermind support the latest xDai updates.

🌉 OmniBridge Updates

After a successful security audit, OmniBridge upgrades are underway. Documentation was added for the following:

  • Alternate Receiver: Bridge tokens from an address on one chain to a second address on another chain).
  • Define Custom RPCs: Set your own RPC endpoints for bridge interaction.
  • Infinite Unlock: Approve all transfers of a token with a single tx rather than for each transfer.
  • Reverse Mode: Coming Soon. Bridge tokens minted on xDai to Ethereum/BSC

:mag_right: BlockScout Updates

BlockScout now supports EIP1155 Tokens, with recent updates to include Metadata support.

1155 MetaData Support Added

🦋 Project Updates


GnosisSafe Application

Mt Pelerin Bridge Wallet