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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 11/12/2020

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This week we continued our work testing public POSDAO and celebrated 1 Trillion (12 zeroes!) total gas consumption on xDai. Several projects announced new features now available for xDai users.


Note that we will be on a holiday schedule and will skip several weekly updates at the end of the month.

1,000,000,000,000+ Gas Consumption Milestone

The xDai chain hit over 1 Trillion total gas consumed since network inception! This number has grown steadily over time starting with events like EthDenver and the Splunk Conference with massive recent spikes due to applications like Dark Forest and Circles UBI leveraging xDai to support resource-intensive apps.

:man_gesturing_no: POSDAO Testing and Tutorials

We are continuing to test our protocol and create short videos for users as public POSDAO gets closer to launch. See the Staking Operations Section for tutorials on delegator staking, withdrawing, claiming and moving STAKE.

Order & Claim a Withdrawal

Move Delegated STAKE

📜 Proposal to add STAKE as a DAI collateral type

All xDai users are essentially Dai users, as all xDai is bridged from Dai. The application to add STAKE as a Dai collateral type, giving the STAKE governance and security token additional supportive functionality within the ecosystem. The application below provides a succinct overview of xDai along with many resources for further exploration.

🦋 Project Updates

Gnosis Custom Market Maker App

The launch includes a tutorial and incentives for users, including GNO and USD! Check out the full thread and the post to learn more and participate!

Colony to Launch on Ethereum and xDai

Colony is a powerful, practical, flexible, and easy to use DAO framework, and it will be deployed on Ethereum and xDai! Read more about the protocol here, launch details to come.

DappQuery UI builder

Users can upload xDai smart contracts and visualize different metrics with the new UI Builder.

GitCoin GR8 Funding Round and Hackathon

Support projects building on xDai or apply to hack on xDai and be eligible for a healthy bounty! GR8 ends in 6 days, check it out or apply now. Community engagement is key for the continued growth and success of the xDai Chain!