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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 30/04/2021

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👷‍♂️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 54.
****There are 16 validator pools with 250 delegators staking a total of 544,012 STAKE. High pool APY is currently 19.02%, low is 13.10% (stats as of 30/04/2021 16:00 UTC).

🌉 OmniBridge Audit Completed

ChainSecurity completed an audit of the OmniBridge contracts. The final report identified 0 Critical or High Risk Issues, 2 Medium Issues and 3 Low Risk Issues all of which were acknowledged and/or accepted. Next, the team will implement the latest contracts which will include reverse functionality (token minting on xDai, bridge minted tokens to Ethereum) and other audited features.

See the report:

🦋 Project Updates

:earth_americas: Genesis Vision & Perpetual Protocol

Two projects on xDai working together to provide new options for traders.

:small_red_triangle_down: Peerion & pNetwork

🦉 Minerva Faucet :potable_water:

Minerva is providing a faucet for MIVA holders, and an excellent explainer that shows users options for getting just a little bit of xDai - all that's needed to complete many transactions.

:capital_abcd: Node Providers

Two projects announced API support for xDai chain users.

AnyBlock Analytics


:frame_photo: NFT Projects

xDai provides a green landing and launching pad 🚀 for a variety of NFT Projects.

:mag_right: BlockScout ERC1155 Support

BlockScout continues to innovate as an explorer. The latest update for xDai includes 1155 support, a standard which is rapidly gaining popularity as a way to transfer NFT collections.

🍔 McDonalds Coin

A parody art project and trading game now live on xDai.

❄️ Snowflakes Hash

:bee: Beezu Coming Soon