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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 22/01/2021

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🗻 POSDAO & Community Updates

Staking Epoch 41 started successfully with additional participation and a new validator! Stats and analytics are now available with Dune Analytics to monitor staking on xDai as well as Easy Staking on Ethereum.

🐝 1Hive New Validator

Welcoming 1Hive is a newly active POSDAO validator!

👨🚀 POAP for First 100

A commemorative POAP NFT was sent to the first 100 unique and active POSDAO delegators! View the details here:

✍ STAKE Proposals

Several proposals are currently circulating regarding the STAKE token.

Maker Application

Voting is ongoing to add STAKE as a Dai collateral. If the community votes to Greenlight STAKE, domain teams prioritize assessments of token risk, contracts and other variables to determine inclusion parameters.

🍯 HNY/STAKE Liquidity

A proposal to add additional STAKE and HNY liquidity to the HoneySwap pool is receiving good discussion and feedback in the 1Hive forum. Follow it here:

🛠 Dev Tools

⏳ DUNE Analytics

Dune Analytics announced an integration with xDai, providing devs with analytics tools and users with more transparency into on-chain operations.

💿 Remix

Remix is a popular Ethereum environment for testing, deploying and interacting with smart contracts. Remix also supports xDai with ease!

🦋 Project Updates

Upcoming Project Migrations, current project announcements and new projects on xDai.


  • We are going to have 2 Bao Farmer contracts, one on Ethereum mainnet and on the xDAI network (an Ethereum L2 sidechain).
  • The new xDAI chain contract will issue $BAO.CX (Bao Coupon XDAI) which will be redeemable 1:1 for Bao tokens on the main Ethereum chain.
  • Users will be able to pick to farm in either contract. Using the xDAI chain is simple and requires them to move their tokens via a bridge contract.

Perpetual Protocol Update

Usage highlights, volume and more!

API3 & Omen

Omen Coming Soon to xDai


Here now!