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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 10/07/2020

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🛰️ Exchange News

STAKE token listed on Poloniex

You can now deposit STAKE and trade STAKE/USDT!

✅ BitMax pre-staking program reaches 1000+ participants

Early adopters form the core membership of the 1K Stakers Club.

🏢 Development

1Hive Community Currency HNY Deployed to xDai

As a community currency, Honey (HNY) is used by the 1Hive community to support infrastructure and ongoing development. Additional tools including a proposal engine and exchange (Uniswap v1 fork) were added to xDai by the 1Hive team to support the token.

xDai <-> Eth Arbitrary Message Bridge deployment guide

Deployment instructions were released for contracts on the Ethereum <-> xDai Arbitrary Message Bridge. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for deploying contracts and creating bridgeable ERC20 (or ERC677/829) tokens. The scripts create an equivalent ERC677 on xDai, along with all the necessary functionality so that existing tokens on Ethereum can be bridged and used on xDai.

Use-cases for bridged tokens may include a DEX on xDai, or many other features that take advantage of low cost and high speed transactions.

📰 Media

✅ receives mention in Week in Ethereum News

Austin Griffith announced the xmoon exchange last week, where users can bridge Reddit MOON tokens to the xDai chain and exchange them for xDai. This week Week in Ethereum News added it to the Ecosystem links in the weekly newsletter. Week in Ethereum News is a highly respected enewsletter that covers trending topics and important developments in the Ethereum ecosystem and has a wide readership.

✅ Token Tuesdays Article Highlights xDai & STAKE

Cooper Turley wrote an extensive article on the benefits of xDai

STAKE Me to the Moon: xDai Layer 2 Transactions.\ Learn why xDai is quickly becoming a community-favorite scaling solution underpinned by a native token - STAKE. \ \ You must be a subscriber to read, but it provides some great analysis and reasons why xDai is poised for user adoption as an L2 scaling solution.