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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 16/10/2020

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🌉 Bridge and Interoperability Updates

✓ OmniBridge

The RaidGuild team completed the UI for the OmniBridge, a bridge which allows users to seamlessly move ERC20s between Ethereum and xDai. Any ERC20 can be moved, if it doesn't exist yet on xDai the bridge can be used to create this initial transfer as well! The Omnibridge is a huge step forward for interoperability between chains.

✓xDai Bridge Withdrawals

The xDai bridge was updated to support user-generated withdrawals from xDai to Dai. This change further decentralizes the bridge and gives users control when exiting. The update resulted in a few hiccups for 3rd party applications, but our troubleshooting guide helped users overcome any problems.

🦋 Project News

✓ Honey Farm Launch

✓ Circles UBI Launch

✓ xDxDao

✓ POAP Bridge

✓ Double KickBack

The first Double KickBack sponsored meetup was help by @joonian on KickBack. Participants learned about personal tokens and even earned some xDai for their efforts.

✓ Dark Forest v0.4 Wrap Up

Dark Forest (DF) is the first large-scale game to use zksnarks, allowing for a multi-player incomplete information game environment. This run of DF resulted in a huge spike in transactions and RPC calls on xDai, many driven by bot activity. The traffic spikes stressed the system at times and we learned a lot about scaling and RPC optimization from over 500 participants and many bots accessing the game. Look for a postmortem from the DarkForest team soon.

We are excited to continue our optimization efforts with the RPC read layer and this test was a great opportunity to highlight xDai features like a Burner wallet with auto-transaction acceptance (this made the game much more playable) and micro-tx ability for players. We look forward to the next iteration of DF!

:tools: Tech and Distribution Updates

✓ MetaMask Update

MetaMask updates caused issues for a few users as they are moving to hex values to validate custom chains. In the latest version, the xDai chain ID - 100 - is automatically updated to the hex value 0x64 when a custom RPC is saved. You may need to "resave" the RPC to get it into the new format.

✓ LP Distribution Round 6

📰 Media

✓ Reddit Moon Farming