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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 18/12/2020

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POSDAO Staking Updates

We are very excited to be closing in on the public launch of staking and delegation on xDai. We are completing our final rounds of testing and have been releasing videos on how to complete basic processes such as bridging STAKE, delegating STAKE, and claiming rewards.

See the Become a Delegator section for a basic overview, and the Staking Operations section for details on using the Staking DApp.

We've also drafted an example reward scenario which compares potential staking rewards for EasyStaking, LP Providers, POSDAO delegators and POSDAO validators.

:construction_worker: BlockScout Smart Contract Verification

BlockScout added a new feature with devs in mind to the xDai block explorer instance. Now smart contracts can be verified in 2 ways. It is still possible to use a flattener, but the new method is designed for ease of verification. Devs can simply upload all contract source files and JSON metadata, and the contract can be verified. This feature leverages Sourcify, and makes verification easier than ever.

:christmas_tree: Swether NFTs

Just in time for the holidays you can create your own custom NFT in a holiday sweater pattern, and the xDai logo is one a handful available to add! This fun project is made possible by the The Treum team, part of ConsenSys Mesh.\ \ Bonus for US residents - mint a token and get a FREE SWEATSHIRT with your design on it! Swether minting season ends Dec 31, 2020.\ \

🦋 Project Updates

Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual Protocol mainnet is now live and running on xDai! Perpetual Protocol uses a streamlined system to allow traders to gain the benefits of xDai scaling without having to set up your wallet or exchange tokens.


Omen Prediction markets competition is LIVE on the xDai Chain.


Etherisc Insurance Contracts deployed to xDai.


ZeroAlpha art market launced on xDai Chain!

Gnosis Protocol

GP continues their testing rounds along with incentives for new users.

:deciduous_tree: Gitcoin GR8 Hackathon Ends

Several projects submitted entries to the hackathon. We will be looking them over in the coming weeks and selecting the best projects deployed on xDai to receive bounties for their efforts.

xDai-related projects including the Nethermind Client, Buidl Guidl, Nifty Ink, KickBack and others will also receive matching funds through the GR8 Grants Program.

Twitter Update

The xDai Chain official Twitter account was suspended for unknown reasons on Tuesday, December 15. We have contacted Twitter and have not heard anything back from their team regarding reasons for the suspension or steps for remediation. They are reporting delays for reviews and responses of accounts at the moment. We hope to hear back from them soon.

In the meantime we will post updates on our Telegram Announcement Channel as well as relevant tweets from other xDai related domains (BlockScout and TokenBridge).