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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 09/07/2021

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POSDAO & Protocol Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 63.
****There are 17 validator pools with 365 delegators( ⬆️ 5.5% from previous week) **** staking a total of 657,860 STAKE ( ⬆️ 1.2% from previous week).

High pool APY is currently 20.15%, low is 0% (stats as of 25/06/2021 15:00 UTC - currently one node operator is down resulting in 0% APR for that validator and delegators).

Protocol News

BlockScout Version Update

BlockScout on xDai was updated to the latest release version 3.7.1.

xDai Wallet Addresses triple in 3 months


Dark Forest Round 2 Ends

Round 2 resulted in over 2 Million transactions on xDai over 9 days! Players around the globe enjoyed the first blockchain RTS game and the new features in v0.6

View your personal metrics with this dashboard created by a community memeber!


DAOSquare announced a collaboration with xDai to bring more projects to the chain.

MEXC Global

MEXC Global exchange will list an xDai/USDT trading pair in the near future.


Unidex limit order platform is expanding to the xDai network.


Symmetric AMM is live on xDai.


The XLR8R curated digital music NFT platform launched its beta version on xDai. The platform is powered by Cargo.


D'CENT Wallet Integration Welcomes xDai Users