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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

POSDAO Staking Updates

We are very excited to be closing in on the public launch of staking and delegation on xDai. We are completing our final rounds of testing and have been releasing videos on how to complete basic processes such as bridging STAKE, delegating STAKE, and claiming rewards.

See the Become a Delegator section for a basic overview, and the Staking Operations section for details on using the Staking DApp.

We've also drafted an example reward scenario which compares potential staking rewards for EasyStaking, LP Providers, POSDAO delegators and POSDAO validators.

:construction_worker: BlockScout Smart Contract Verification

BlockScout added a new feature with devs in mind to the xDai block explorer instance. Now smart contracts can be verified in 2 ways. It is still possible to use a flattener, but the new method is designed for ease of verification. Devs can simply upload all contract source files and JSON metadata, and the contract can be verified. This feature leverages Sourcify, and makes verification easier than ever.

:christmas_tree: Swether NFTs

Just in time for the holidays you can create your own custom NFT in a holiday sweater pattern, and the xDai logo is one a handful available to add! This fun project is made possible by the The Treum team, part of ConsenSys Mesh.\ \ Bonus for US residents - mint a token and get a FREE SWEATSHIRT with your design on it! Swether minting season ends Dec 31, 2020.\ \

🦋 Project Updates

Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual Protocol mainnet is now live and running on xDai! Perpetual Protocol uses a streamlined system to allow traders to gain the benefits of xDai scaling without having to set up your wallet or exchange tokens.


Omen Prediction markets competition is LIVE on the xDai Chain.


Etherisc Insurance Contracts deployed to xDai.


ZeroAlpha art market launced on xDai Chain!

Gnosis Protocol

GP continues their testing rounds along with incentives for new users.

:deciduous_tree: Gitcoin GR8 Hackathon Ends

Several projects submitted entries to the hackathon. We will be looking them over in the coming weeks and selecting the best projects deployed on xDai to receive bounties for their efforts.

xDai-related projects including the Nethermind Client, Buidl Guidl, Nifty Ink, KickBack and others will also receive matching funds through the GR8 Grants Program.

Twitter Update

The xDai Chain official Twitter account was suspended for unknown reasons on Tuesday, December 15. We have contacted Twitter and have not heard anything back from their team regarding reasons for the suspension or steps for remediation. They are reporting delays for reviews and responses of accounts at the moment. We hope to hear back from them soon.

In the meantime we will post updates on our Telegram Announcement Channel as well as relevant tweets from other xDai related domains (BlockScout and TokenBridge).

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

This week we continued our work testing public POSDAO and celebrated 1 Trillion (12 zeroes!) total gas consumption on xDai. Several projects announced new features now available for xDai users.


Note that we will be on a holiday schedule and will skip several weekly updates at the end of the month.

⛽ 1,000,000,000,000+ Gas Consumption Milestone

The xDai chain hit over 1 Trillion total gas consumed since network inception! This number has grown steadily over time starting with events like EthDenver and the Splunk Conference with massive recent spikes due to applications like Dark Forest and Circles UBI leveraging xDai to support resource-intensive apps.

:man_gesturing_no: POSDAO Testing and Tutorials

We are continuing to test our protocol and create short videos for users as public POSDAO gets closer to launch. See the Staking Operations Section for tutorials on delegator staking, withdrawing, claiming and moving STAKE. Order & Claim a Withdrawal {% endembed %} Move Delegated STAKE {% endembed %}

📜 Proposal to add STAKE as a DAI collateral type

All xDai users are essentially Dai users, as all xDai is bridged from Dai. The application to add STAKE as a Dai collateral type, giving the STAKE governance and security token additional supportive functionality within the ecosystem. The application below provides a succinct overview of xDai along with many resources for further exploration.

🦋 Project Updates

Gnosis Custom Market Maker App

The launch includes a tutorial and incentives for users, including GNO and USD! Check out the full thread and the post to learn more and participate!

Colony to Launch on Ethereum and xDai

Colony is a powerful, practical, flexible, and easy to use DAO framework, and it will be deployed on Ethereum and xDai! Read more about the protocol here, launch details to come.

DappQuery UI builder

Users can upload xDai smart contracts and visualize different metrics with the new UI Builder.

GitCoin GR8 Funding Round and Hackathon

Support projects building on xDai or apply to hack on xDai and be eligible for a healthy bounty! GR8 ends in 6 days, check it out or apply now. Community engagement is key for the continued growth and success of the xDai Chain!

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

This week we continued our work on public staking, welcomed the new Ramp direct fiat integration, and were featured in a writeup by Bankless.


Note that we will skip several weekly updates over the holiday season. We did not publish a recap last week, and will skip several weeks at the end of the month.

**💶 Ramp Fiat -> xDai**

Although this announcement occurred last week, we did not include in a weekly update and wanted to highlight this important milestone. A direct fiat-to-xDai onramp has been on our Roadmap for a long time! We had previously worked with other providers without success, and were excited this collaboration with Ramp Network could come to fruition. Ramp is currently available in many countries, and they plan to integrate US customers in the near future. Their simple SDK or hosted option allows projects to easily add direct xDai purchases to their apps. We look forward to these integrations, removing one more obstacle for users and creating a seamless crypto experience.

:man_teacher: Public Staking / POSDAO Tutorials

We released several tutorials from our test environment where we are busy testing the protocol in anticipation of Public POSDAO.

Staking Quick Overview

Become a Delegator

📰 Bankless xDai Feature

xDai was featured in the Thursday Thoughts post by Bankless. This article describes the features that make xDai a viable and available scalability solution.

:first_place: GitCoin GR8 Sponsorship

We are sponsoring a $3000 Dai bounty for hackers participating in the GR8 hackathon. We are looking for projects to build or fork dapps to xDai and also to add features for the bridge infrastructure. Learn more and apply here - the hackathon ends in 13 days so get started now!

Many projects building on xDai are also competing for quadratic grant funds, check them out to donate a few Dai, which is matched based on community support. Even small donations can help provide essential funding for projects.

🦋 Project Integrations & Updates

OpenZeppelin Defender

This integration was announced the previous week but not included in a weekly update. We've been testing the UI and experimenting with the awesome features!

UniRocket Telegram Bot

Telegram users can now easily track STAKE trades across multiple DEXS, including Honeyswap on xDai as well as Balancer and Uniswap. The bot is available here:


Protofire is an original xDai chain validator, and has also received a grant to spearhead the xDai chainlink integration. In the previous week Manu Garcia, CTO of Protofire, presented at the Ethereum Buenos Aires meetup on the features and future of xDai.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

This week we highlight several crowd-sourced funding platforms on xDai. The blockchain community is rallying around projects and building infrastructure from the ground up. Matching funds are helping smaller projects and developers realize a decentralized future!


Note that we will skip several weekly updates over the holiday season. We will not publish a weekly update next week: November 21 - 28.

💰 Ecosystem Funding

✓ Buidl Guidl

Austin Griffith's latest project aims to connect funders and developers through a quadratic funding mechanism. This provides signals about what funders want in rapid rounds, and devs can then rapidly iterate on experimental projects designed to support the entire Ethereum Ecosystem. Funding is on Ethereum, at and bounties are on xDai. Many xDai-centric projects are available to fund.

✓ provides permissionless quadratic funding to Ethereum projects. After a successful first run, Round 1 introduces BrightID for Sybil resistance and mid-round sign ups for contributors. This round ~$1,000 of matching funds were provided by STAKEhaus (a moloch DAO on xDai sponsored by RaidGuild and xDAI).

🦋 DAOs, Projects & Interop

✓ PrimeDAO

An xDai representative has been voted into the governing board of PrimeDAO on xDai. We join many other projects helping to realize the next era of DeFi.

✓ WhalerDAO

xDai STAKE is included as one of the first pools in this new protocol designed to fund charitable projects.

✓ Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual Protocol wrapped up Round 2 of their testing competition on xDai. A primary takeaway from using xDai "Assuming a gas cost of 50 gwei, traders saved an estimated 1021 ETH in gas fees! (approx. 460,000 USD) 🙌"

✓ Artis Bridge

An AMB instance of the TokenBridge was opened between ARTIS and xDai, enabling new cross-chain functionality.

✓KickBack Event

After a few weeks hiatus, a new Personal Talkens event was held on KickBack including sponsorship funds from xDai.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

This week we've been heads down on POSDAO preparations and network security enhancements. Progress continues towards the public staking implementation on xDai.

🔥 Token Burn & Public POSDAO Prep

We've burned 40,000 STAKE tokens on Ethereum and added 2 new validator candidate nodes on xDai. Each node has received 20,000 STAKE on xDai, the minimum required to become an initial validator, and will be upgraded to validator status shortly. The nodes are running on the Nethermind client, providing additional robustness and decentralization to the network.

The tokens were burned to the Eth2 Deposit Contract. Learn more about why and some future directions for xDai and public POSDAO.

:closed_lock_with_key: Security Audits

An extensive bridge audit has been completed for the xDai bridge and the OmniBridge. Now that the audit is complete, we are upgrading contracts and will be incorporating additional functionality in the coming months.

🦋 Project News

✓ $STAKE whitelisted on BANCOR

The STAKE token is now whitelisted on Bancor v2.1. This means participants can participate in single-sided staking to earn swap fees while staking with a single asset. Learn how to stake with STAKE and receive protection against impermanent loss over time.

✓PrimeDAO Meme Competition

✓Linkdrop Integration

Follow our guides to:

  • Create an airdrop using Linkdrop on xDai.
  • Claim a Linkdrop airdrop.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

As announced on November 6, 2020, xDai is extremely excited to integrate Chainlink with help from the Protofire team! We will share updates and details as the integration progresses and projects can use the Chainlink decentralized oracles.

Now through the help of Protofire and Chainlink, we will soon be able to connect xDai applications to the outside world, giving developers access to Chainlink price feeds, a source of provably fair randomness, and virtually any off-chain API they require to build end-to-end applications. This greatly expands what developers can build on xDai while retaining key security properties critical to the value of all blockchain applications.”

-- Igor Barinov, xDai Founder & Lead Developer

✓ Integration Announcement

🦋 Projects & Tools

✓ Circles UBI

Circles has seen massive interest as a new tool for receiving and distributing Universal Basic income on the blockchain. A new theme from the Blockscout team provides a seamless experience for users exploring CRC transactions on xDai.

✓ Gnosis Mesa DApp trading

Gnosis Protocol is a fully permissionless DEX that uses consecutive 5 minute batch auctions to settle orders. You can trade on Gnosis Protocol using Mesa, the first dapp built on the protocol, developed and maintained by the DXdao and now available on xDai!

See the guide below to see how to move funds from Mainnet to xDai, place an order on Mesa, and then return your funds to Ethereum Mainnet.

✓ Sourcify

Sourcify is a decentralized automated contract verification service now available for xDai developers!

✓ Biconomy & Perpetual Protocol Case Study

This post explains how Perpetual Protocol used Biconomy's meta transaction relayer infrastructure to speed up the development process and improve the trading experience for users on xDai.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🌉 xDai Bridge Governance Update

Following a successful Gnosis Safe implementation on xDai, a Board of Governors is now activate on both sides of the xDai bridge.

At present there are 11 governors responsible for managing bridge operations. 6/11 signatures are required to approve any management proposal and may include contract updates, parameter changes like limits and fees, and bridge validator set updates.

🏢 Current Projects

✓ Perpetual Protocol Testnet is Live on xDai

Perpetual Protocol announced their live testnet and trading competition.

✓ NFT drop

Foundation dropped some new NFTs on xDai from an exclusive group of artists. Auctions are ongoing.

🦋 New Projects & Tools

✓ on xDai funds allocation protocol is live and matching funds for public goods on Ethereum. We also asked Auryn Macmillan a few questions about the project.

✓ Frame supports xDai Network

:newspaper2: Media

Our Network is an on-chain analytics newsletter that reaches nearly 6000 crypto investors, analysts, researchers, and builders every week 📈. This week our contributor analysts cover Ethereum Scaling: xDai, SKALE, and zkSync.


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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

:woman_astronaut: Launching on xDai

✓ Gnosis Safe

Gnosis Safe multi-sig capabilities bring new security and interaction capabilities to xDai. Now users can create wallets and interact with contracts while requiring multiple signatures. It's a big step for collaborators and asset management functionality from the expert team at Gnosis. Basic Safe Tutorials are here and on the Gnosis Safe site.

✓Perpetual Protocol

Excited to welcome Perpetual Protocol to xDai! They released an excellent post outlining why they selected xDai as a scaling solution.

🦋 Project News

✓ Foundation L2 post

✓ Argent Wallet STAKE support

✓ Dark Forest Recap

Dark Forest released an overview of their Beta and recap of challenges and learnings. Almost 600 players and made over 250k transactions on xDai, consuming over 100B gas.

✓ Gitcoin Kudos Integration

✓ Ministry of Achievement

This joint effort between@Meta_Cartel ,@RaidGuild , and@MetaFam started by rewarding Gitcoin grant providers, and will continue with more initiatives to support and grow community. Using the xDai chain for distribution helps keep costs very low.

:tools: Tech and Distribution Updates

✓ Bridge Troubleshooting

We continue to expand our troubleshooting guide as edge cases appear when bridging between xDai and Dai. If you are having any issues, check out this page first, and if issues continue, reach out in Discord for additional assistance.

✓ LP Distribution Round 7

📰 Media

✓ Today in DeFi Thread

✓ Coindesk on Circles UBI & xDai

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🌉 Bridge and Interoperability Updates

✓ OmniBridge

The RaidGuild team completed the UI for the OmniBridge, a bridge which allows users to seamlessly move ERC20s between Ethereum and xDai. Any ERC20 can be moved, if it doesn't exist yet on xDai the bridge can be used to create this initial transfer as well! The Omnibridge is a huge step forward for interoperability between chains.

✓xDai Bridge Withdrawals

The xDai bridge was updated to support user-generated withdrawals from xDai to Dai. This change further decentralizes the bridge and gives users control when exiting. The update resulted in a few hiccups for 3rd party applications, but our troubleshooting guide helped users overcome any problems.

🦋 Project News

✓ Honey Farm Launch

✓ Circles UBI Launch

✓ xDxDao

✓ POAP Bridge

✓ Double KickBack

The first Double KickBack sponsored meetup was help by @joonian on KickBack. Participants learned about personal tokens and even earned some xDai for their efforts.

✓ Dark Forest v0.4 Wrap Up

Dark Forest (DF) is the first large-scale game to use zksnarks, allowing for a multi-player incomplete information game environment. This run of DF resulted in a huge spike in transactions and RPC calls on xDai, many driven by bot activity. The traffic spikes stressed the system at times and we learned a lot about scaling and RPC optimization from over 500 participants and many bots accessing the game. Look for a postmortem from the DarkForest team soon.

We are excited to continue our optimization efforts with the RPC read layer and this test was a great opportunity to highlight xDai features like a Burner wallet with auto-transaction acceptance (this made the game much more playable) and micro-tx ability for players. We look forward to the next iteration of DF!

:tools: Tech and Distribution Updates

✓ MetaMask Update

MetaMask updates caused issues for a few users as they are moving to hex values to validate custom chains. In the latest version, the xDai chain ID - 100 - is automatically updated to the hex value 0x64 when a custom RPC is saved. You may need to "resave" the RPC to get it into the new format.

✓ LP Distribution Round 6

📰 Media

✓ Reddit Moon Farming

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🎂 xDai turns 2!

The first block on xDai was created on October 8, 2018. We've come a long way since then!

Dark Forest on xDai

✅ DarkForest Universe Unfolds

Darkforest uses zksnarks to create the first large-scale, incomplete information game on a blockchain! This means players can make verifiable moves without disclosing exact details, and it promises to usher in a new era of blockchain gaming.

New strategies can be employed in this universe that were previously impossible, such as deception, betrayal, coordination etc. This "fog of war" is made possible by zksnark technology.\ For more on this exciting achievement, see the Dark Forest blog.

The game uses an incredible amount of resources, and we've been working tirelessly to keep up with the increased load. Tx per day have increased to over 50k, and RPC request volume is extremely high. We are continuing to scale xDai in real-time with adoption of this game, finding new ways to optimize the network and working with the Dark Forest team to support this new class of resource-intensive blockchain experience.

✅ Dark Forest Block Explorer Theme

To further support the universe, BlockScout released a Dark Forest theme so users can view contract interactions related to the game. It keeps users engaged with the universe and supports gamers verifying and viewing their DF transactions.

Live view:

🌉 Bridge Engineering Updates

We've been making some improvements to the xDai bridge for entries and exits.

✅ xDai bridge fee optimization by disabling CHAI

A proposal was approved by xDai Bridge Governors (6 of 11 required for approval) to disable CHAI token support, saving gas for deposit and withdrawal operations. The CHAI savings rate has been 0 for some time and was causing unnecessary expenditure. All existing CHAI was swapped back to DAI in the bridge contract.

Proposal Details

✅ xDai exit increased decentralization by enabling user controlled claims on Ethereum

The main goal of these changes is to provide additional decentralization and control for bridge users – users no longer need to rely on bridge oracles to relay confirmations on the xDai chain side to the Ethereum Mainnet.

📰 Projects on xDai News

✅ NFT Untitled Hackathon Begins

✅ Pocket Network supports xDai at ETHOnline

✅ Powerpool governance voting on xDai

✅ PrimeDAO first xDai DAO listed on DeepDAO