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:cut_of_meat: Staking & 🍰 Baking

✅ The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off Entry Submitted

Challenge accepted! We spent a good portion of July load testing, launching an experimental 1 second block network called qDai and working with the Splunk team to create a beautiful custom dashboard. Winners will be announced in September. Check out our entry - we’re happy to answer any questions or comments in the Reddit thread.

✅ EasyStaking Coming in August

We are finishing up our audit with Quantstamp and implementing a shiny new UI for the August launch of EasyStaking. Stay tuned for details!

In the meantime, check out the basics on EasyStaking here. We’ll be updating our docs to reflect the latest changes as we go live.

Here are a couple of previews of the new UI:

👷‍♀️ Integrations

✅ 1st KickBack Event on xDai

The first official Kickback event successfully launched on xDai. Kickback is an RSVP and ticketing platform and it has deployed to xDai to avoid the large gas fees on Ethereum. Signup and event creation are easy, intuitive experiences, and a great way to host a virtual event with some accountability and potential rewards for participants and event organizers.

Events can be related to anything (crypto & non-crypto alike), but participants commit and receive rewards in xDai. This is a great onboarding to tool with real-world applications which introduces users to the power of xDai.

📰 Media

✅ xDai Sidechain added to L2 scaling solutions in EthHub Docs

Sidechains are sometimes overlooked as an effective L2 scaling solution, but we know different here at xDai! Ethhub is a wiki of all essential Ethereum information, and sidechains are now added to the Layer 2 Scaling section. xDai and TokenBridge are both highlighted as examples. \ \ Read more here ->

:man_superhero: Community

✅ Twitter Banner Design Contest

We’ve launched a contest to design our Twitter banner with prizes in STAKE. Entries are due by August 20. If you are a designer, or know one, forward on the info to help elevate the xDai STAKE visual game! \ \ Add your entry here:

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🛰️ Token & Exchange News

✅ Foundation and Advisor Token Releases: Foundation pledges 100% of token release until end of year to EasyStaking

Tokens were released successfully for Advisors and Foundation as described in the token release schedule. There will now be daily emissions for Foundation and Advisors and circulating supply will adjust accordingly. You can view the current circulating supply at any time on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap.

To support the protocol, the xDai Foundation announced that all token releases through the end of the year will be sent to EasyStaking!

✅ BitMax Stats Update

Stake and stakers continue to increase in the BitMax pre-staking StakeVault program. As we approach the end of the current staking initiative on August 6, BitMax will inform users and stakers about staking options going forward.

🏢 Development

✅ Unit Protocol

Unit Protocol is a new decentralized borrowing protocol designed to provide a lot of flexibility for users. When it goes live, borrowers can use a wide range of coins and tokens as collateral for stable loans. In their whitepaper, the primary use case describes using $STAKE as an underlying collateral. We will follow the protocol as it develops.

✅ Reddit Bake-Off Preview

We have been working hard on the Reddit Bake-off challenge. In this short video, we provide a sneak-peak of our load script as 1400 Claim transactions (simulating reddit users claiming MOON token distributions) are processed in less than 2 minutes.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🛰️ Exchange News

✅ 1K+ Stakers & 1M+ Staked in the BitMax pre-staking program

✅ CoinMarketCap Listing Completed

While xDai has been listed on CoinMarketCap for some time, several of the metrics were still defined as ‘?’. This week, all values were updated including Circulating Supply & Market Cap info.

:point_right: Follow xDai on CoinMarketCap here:

🏢 Development

✅ xDai TokenBridge Guides

The TokenBridge project has been releasing instructions and tools for devs building on xDai, including a guide to using the Arbitrary Message Bridge to transfer tokens between chains and monitor transactions. Interoperability is here, and now devs have a guidebook for deployment.

✅ Uniswap v1 Fork on xDai

A Uniswap fork has been added to xDai by the 1Hive team, and xMoons and HNY tokens are available to swap! We expect to see additional currencies added to this exchange soon on xDai. There are now 2 ways to exchange xMoons for xDai:

📰 Media

xMoon Videos

To use some of the awesome DApps incorporating Reddit MOONs on xDai (xMOONs), you need to transfer them to the xDai chain. These videos show you how to 1) transfer from your Reddit Vault to MetaMask and 2) **** Move MOONs from the Rinkeby testnet to xDai. Once you have xMOONs, you can exchange them for xDai or even HNY using the uniswap fork deployed by 1Hive.

Sarafu local cryptocurrency article

An excellent article long-form article delves into community currencies on xDai and how they are providing a lifeline for local villagers in Kenya.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🛰️ Exchange News

STAKE token listed on Poloniex

You can now deposit STAKE and trade STAKE/USDT!

✅ BitMax pre-staking program reaches 1000+ participants

Early adopters form the core membership of the 1K Stakers Club.

🏢 Development

1Hive Community Currency HNY Deployed to xDai

As a community currency, Honey (HNY) is used by the 1Hive community to support infrastructure and ongoing development. Additional tools including a proposal engine and exchange (Uniswap v1 fork) were added to xDai by the 1Hive team to support the token.

xDai <-> Eth Arbitrary Message Bridge deployment guide

Deployment instructions were released for contracts on the Ethereum <-> xDai Arbitrary Message Bridge. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for deploying contracts and creating bridgeable ERC20 (or ERC677/829) tokens. The scripts create an equivalent ERC677 on xDai, along with all the necessary functionality so that existing tokens on Ethereum can be bridged and used on xDai.

Use-cases for bridged tokens may include a DEX on xDai, or many other features that take advantage of low cost and high speed transactions.

📰 Media

✅ receives mention in Week in Ethereum News

Austin Griffith announced the xmoon exchange last week, where users can bridge Reddit MOON tokens to the xDai chain and exchange them for xDai. This week Week in Ethereum News added it to the Ecosystem links in the weekly newsletter. Week in Ethereum News is a highly respected enewsletter that covers trending topics and important developments in the Ethereum ecosystem and has a wide readership.

✅ Token Tuesdays Article Highlights xDai & STAKE

Cooper Turley wrote an extensive article on the benefits of xDai

STAKE Me to the Moon: xDai Layer 2 Transactions.\ Learn why xDai is quickly becoming a community-favorite scaling solution underpinned by a native token - STAKE. \ \ You must be a subscriber to read, but it provides some great analysis and reasons why xDai is poised for user adoption as an L2 scaling solution.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🛰️ $STAKE & Exchange News

✅ After 2 Months, 943K+ STAKE is pre-staked in BitMax StakeVault Program

As we enter July, the pre-staking program is 2 months old and interest and participation continues to grow. Historical details and updates can be found on the Pre-Staking Program page.

July 2020

DateSTAKE amount pre-staked

✅ STAKE officially added to Balancer Pools

While the STAKE Balancer pool has been active for several weeks, the token was still in pending mode as the Balancer team made sure it met criteria for inclusion (many tokens are denied a listing here). STAKE passed the test and is now officially added to Balancer.\

👷‍♀️ Integrations & Development

✅ KickBack X Deployment

KickBack creates accountability for event participants. Every participant who RSVPs puts in a small deposit. If they attend, they receive the deposit back. If not, the deposit is forfeit and split among the remaining group members. With high fees on Ethereum, creating events and RSVPing is becoming costly. KickBack has deployed a version to xDai, along with some other new features.

✅ BlockNative support

Blocknative now supports xDai with advanced notification tools and an onboarding tool that devs can use for wallet integration.

✅ xMoon.Exchange MVDEX

Austin Griffith has created a Minimal Viable Decentralized Exchange (MVDEX) on xDai for exchanging and trading Reddit MOON Tokens. The UI let users bridge Dai from Ethereum to xDai, and Moons from Rinkeby to xMoons on xDai. Here, users can trade xMoons for xDai and vice versa!

📰 Media

✅ Chico Crypto hypes xDai tech

While this video centers on the Energy Web(EW) Chain, Chico talks about interoperability and the tools EW is leveraging, including the TokenBridge that sits at the heart of the xDai Chain. Many projects are finding the open-source tools developed and maintained by POA and xDai (specifically BlockScout & TokenBridge) vital to their specific use-cases.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🛰️ Exchange News

STAKE token listed on IDEX

The community spoke 📣……we listened👂

  • Easy-to-use trading interface

  • On ramp for additional audience

  • Exposure for STAKE & increased trading volume

  • Ability to place limit orders as well as market orders

  • Semi-decentralized, hybrid infrastructure composed of on-chain fund storage and settlement along with off-chain trade submission engine.

  • Relatively low fees: **** 0.2% for the market taker and 0.1% for the market maker + gas fee

  • New traders get instant verification with a name, birthdate and citizenship country for Tier 1 trading. This means unlimited trades and withdrawals of up to $5000 per day. \

  • Announcement:

  • Listing link:

  • More on IDEX:

✅ Sowing xDai DeFi seeds

We continue to add market liquidity through DeFi mechanisms. When public staking and Easy Staking starts, these seeds will bear fruit! Farming with sustainable levels of growth and predictable accumulation for stakers.

🏢 Development

Gas Limit Increase

Ethereum Mainnet miners increased the block gas limit from 10M to 12.5M gas/block ( To maintain xDai smart contract compatibility with ETH, xDai validators are also increasing the gas limit. This will result in 20% gains in tx throughput when needed!

More info on upgrade:

Nifty Wallet Update

Nifty Wallet provides native support for the xDai chain. It's a great MetaMask alternative and offers additional functionality. The latest upgrade to 5.1.1 lets users import accounts with 24 word seed phrases, easily send max balances and more.

Nifty Wallet link:

📰 Media

✅ BlockTalks Content Creation Challenge Winners

Thanks to all who participated - 5 winners were announced and each received $50 USD worth of STAKE tokens.

✅ Reddit Scaling Competition

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to shine a spotlight on xDai scaling attributes and will compete in the Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off! There will be some formidable teams, and we are ready to showcase the unique features of xDai and the benefits it brings to the ecosystem as a whole.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🛰️ Exchange News

STAKE token support on UniSwap

STAKE liquidity pools have been available on UniSwap for a few weeks. Now STAKE is listed in the main dropdown menu, increasing exposure and signaling support and interest from the community.

Liquidity pool added to Balancer

Balancer is a decentralized token exchange and pool manager, and liquidity pools can be created with varying percentages of tokens (ie pools do not need to be split 50/50 like in Uniswap, but can contain different percentages like this pool which is 90% STAKE / 10% WETH).

CoinGecko adds additional Uniswap parameters, exchange listings.

CoinGecko provides a list of available exchange platforms for STAKE. This week they updated the Trust Score and liquidity parameters for Uniswap, and updated the growing list of exchanges now listing STAKE.

📰 Articles & Media

✅ Reddit xMoons

Eth developer Austin Griffith is working on new applications for xDai which will interact with Reddit Moons. Look for more development and xMoon news in the weeks ahead!


In this article we look at the similarities and differences between these two governance tokens that support the underlying protocol functionality.

✅ Submissions due June 20 for BlockTalks Content Creation Challenge

Write an article to participate, then submit to the form below when you are finished.

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Archive Post

This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

📰 Articles & Media

✅ xDai vs Matic

In this article we look at the similarities and differences between these two chains. Both offer scaling solutions and tradeoffs for users.

✅ Meta Transactions

We released a technical explainer which highlights the importance of Meta Transactions and how they work the Burner Wallet link claiming functionality.


xDai STAKE has been added to The site offers a simple calculator you can use to approximate Monthly and Annual rewards once public staking begins. A calculator will also be incorporated into the Easy Staking application when it goes live.

✅ BlockTalks Content Creation Challenge

BlockTalks content creation challenge is ongoing until 20 June. Write an article to participate, then submit to the form below when you are finished.

🏢 Development

✅ EasyStaking ongoing development

We continue to refine our model for easy staking. This will provide a second staking option for users with STAKE on the Ethereum Mainnet and a way to incorporate staking into 3rd party applications. In addition, we are researching ways to provide STAKE rewards for Liquidity Pools on Uniswap and other advanced incentives. The EasyStaking UI is also undergoing improvements including:

  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • Dynamic display continually updates your STAKE rewards
  • Built-in staking calculator

:man_superhero: Community

Social Engagement and Telegram followers continue to grow and engage with each other in meaningful dialogue. We'd like to thank our respectful and thoughtful community members who are eager to learn more about xDai and STAKE and bring about real-world crypto adoption.

\ \

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.


✅ 672K+ STAKE now pre-staked in BitMax StakeVault Program

See regular updates and details on the Pre-Staking Program page

Follow the latest stats on Bitmax Twitter -

📰 Media

✅ BlockFolio Signal

STAKE is now on BlockFolio Signal, providing an easy way to get the latest news and updates from the xDAi STAKE project.

✅ BlockTalks Content Creation Challenge

BlockTalks is running a content creation challenge until 20 June. Write an article to participate, then submit to the form below when you are finished.

🏢 Features & Development

✅ $STAKE & $xDai on Discord with bot

xDai has been functional with the bot for some time, now it can be used with STAKE as well on any Discord server where is installed. Join the xDai channel and participate in airdrops, games and more.

✅ Staking UI Sneak Peek

Our UI for public staking is undergoing testing with different parameters. It will be incorporated directly into BlockScout block explorer for a seamless user experience. We created a quick video and some screen shots to show how intuitive staking will be.

:man_superhero: Community

Community engagement is strong and members and followers continue to grow. This week community member Romeo Dre worked with Mihail Kiselev to create a STAKE (steak) themed telegram animated sticker pack.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🔓 Distributions

✅ Private investors receive 10% STAKE release and ongoing daily distributions begin

Initial investors hold a total of 1,970,951 STAKE tokens. On May 27, 10% of this amount was released (~ 197,095). Each day for the next 224 days an additional 5,719.20 tokens will be released to private investors. Investors must actively claim amounts in order to receive them.

See unlock dates and circulating supply for more details on upcoming releases (next % release scheduled for July 22, 2020)

Private Investors release schedule

DatePercentageTypeRounded Amount
29.04.202025%1 time492,738
27.05.2020 ~ 13:02:59 UTC10%1 time197,095
28.05.2020 - 06.01.202165%Daily5,719.2 (per day)

🛰️ Listings

TokenInsight Rating Added to CoinMarketCap


Note that **** some values on the CMC listing remain in “?” status. This will shift as data is verified and reporting accuracy confirmed. To get the current circulating supply, see

STAKE added to DeFi Pulse Token List

The Token List is an accurate directory of authentic tokens on Ethereum. Integrating The Token List into an app gives users confidence that they're interacting with the token they intend to.

✅ 🎉BitMax Pre-Staking StakeVault nears 600 participants

Since its inception, more participants have tried the pre-staking program every day! See the details on the Pre-Staking Program page.

Follow the latest stats on Bitmax Twitter -

📰 Media

✅ AMA with BlockTalks

The team answered questions from Twitter, ran a quiz for participants, then answered live questions. See the full transcript:

✅ xDai Energy Efficiency Article

We released an article with data from lab10 Collective which shows just how energy efficient xDai is. For a quick comparison, Bitcoin uses the equivalent energy of 5,250,408 US Households, Ethereum 721,223 US Households, and xDai 2.1 US Households!

✅ YellowBlock Video

The YellowBlock team continues to support xDai and STAKE. This video provides a simple explanation of the 2 Token Model.

🏢 Development

✅ xDai POSDAO on OpenEthereum

As we move towards public POSDAO, xDai is already functioning in a PoS context written in Solidity. Starting from v3.0.0, the OpenEthereum client supports all POSDAO features 3.0.0 has been released for several weeks, and POSDAO is functioning as expected, including random number generation, malicious reporting, and transactional consensus with the current validator set.