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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 26/02/2021

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

:construction_worker: POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 45 is finishing shortly. Currently there are 16 validator pools with 219 delegators staking a total of 515,998 STAKE (as of 26/02/2021 14:30 UTC).

This Week:

  • Usage surpassed 200K txs per day on _24/02/2021. _
  • Market cap (Dai + tokens bridged with OmniBridge) increased to over 100M on _25/02/2021_. It has increased over 100% this week, in large part due to the HOPR token distribution.

Staking Statistics:

Binance Smart Chain OmniBridge

The bridge between xDai and BSC is providing users additional and unique options for cross-chain interoperability. One aspect of the bridge is that 2 instances of the same token can co-exist (ie USDC bridged from Ethereum and USDC bridged from BSC). Component exchange is available to convert these stable tokens between instances. We have a Component tutorial available here, as well as a general tutorial on using the BSC OmniBridge.

🦋 Project News

HOPR Launch

The HOPR community presale on xDai was fast and furious, amounting to the biggest token distribution ever on xDai. The HOPR token on xDai has increased the total market cap significantly.

DAOs on xDai

xDai provides an xCellent fit for DAOs looking extend voting functionality and membership options. DaoHaus powers DAO formation and organization, and new and existing DAOs on xDai are building the decentralized future.

BenchMark Protocol

Benchmark and the xMark token are now on xDai, providing cross-chain interop.

GU Stakes

This unique app lets users stake on 1v1 Gods Unchained matchups. A fun way to make a fun game on Ethereum even more fun with xDai!

Defi Wizard

DeFi Wizard lets anyone spin up a DeFi project in minutes, and xDai is supported! Learn more about how you can easily create a token, staking contract and much more with their no-code interface.

Reality Cards Testnet

The new Reality Cards is a prediction market and NFT collection platform rolled into one. The testnet version on Sokol is now live for users to try and see the future of prediction markets. Reality Cards will launch on xDai later this year.

⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 19/02/2021

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

💡 Project Updates

Multiple projects went live on xDai this week along with several big project updates, alpha, beta and pre-sale launches! 🚀

Colony Soft Launch

Colony v2 is a powerful, practical and flexible DAO framework. The new user interface offers a Slack-like experience, and is easy and full-featured for new users.The soft launch means Colony is still in Beta; users are encouraged to try the new features and report and issues to the team.

Baoswap Alpha

BAO Finance is readying for an early March launch. The alpha version of BAOSwap (Uniswap fork) went live on xDai for user testing.

Origin Trail Staking

$TRAC staking launch resulted in 70M+ Trac locked in a matter of hours! Origin trail is leveraging xDai for the launch, and the xDai ecosystem will have direct access to the OriginTrail Decentralised Knowledge Graph.

UniCrypt Lockers and Token Launchpad

Unicrypt Network Team platform launched with Liquidity Lockers and a Decentralized Launchpad, supporting both Uniswap on Mainnet and HoneySwap on xDai!

HOPR Pre-Sale Token Launch

Preparations are underway for the HOPR token pre-sale launch on xDai. The presale, open to Genesis DAO participants only, is happening on the xDai chain from 14:00 CET on February 21st and will close at 14:00 CET on February 23rd. Participation is initially capped at 16,000 HOPR per person, at a total cost of 800 xDAI.

Omen xDai Airdrop

Omen Prediction Market is live on xDai, and to celebrate users Omen airdropped 5.00 xDai to all addresses who have used Omen on Mainnet in the past. This is more than enough to drop in on the platform and try make a few predictions!‌

Mt Pelerin

The Mt Pelerin Bridge Protocol is a free and open source platform for asset issuance, distribution and management.‌

Unifty Bridge

Unifty is a Multi-chain hub for NFT projects to create custom farms and NFT collections with just a few clicks. The new ERC1155 bridge is live, letting users mint, build farms on xDai then seamlessly move stake and move NFTs to Ethereum

Nifty Chess

A winning project at Eth Denver, Nifty Chess lets users save boards from chess games as NFTs on xDai. Games, moves and boards can be minted and shared as one-of-a-kind digital tokens.

⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 12/02/2021

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🛎 Project Announcements

Ethereum projects have been working for months to explore and test different L2 solutions for their applications. These efforts are now beginning to bear fruit and go into production.

This week we had several big announcements of projects migrating to xDai so that their apps can be usable once again. High fees have been killing projects, and xDai is offers an easy-to-use, dev-friendly and highly interoperable solution.

Omen Prediction Markets
Note: You need a web3 enabled wallet like MetaMask to access, or access directly with a mobile wallet like Alpha or Status.

Vitalik Buterin believes prediction markets are one of the most interesting DeFi projects in the space. However, with high and unpredictable fees on Ethereum they can be difficult to use. Omen just launched on xDai, enabling users to make bets and create stable markets without having to worry about high tx costs or losing returns based on market conditions.


OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making global supply chains work. xDai is an ecosystem dedicated to making blockchains work. It's a perfect match! Excited to share more info about this innovative project and how xDai will help facilitate the Origin Trail Knowledge Economy.


RealT provides fractional real-estate opportunities for investors. Proper rent distributions to investors have been severely impacted by high gas prices, and the team has been exploring solutions since last September. After much research, they selected xDai for its maturity, dev-friendly ecosystem and philosophical alignment with their values. The xDai scaling solution will be live in the coming weeks.


Component is a flexible stable coin swap protocol now on xDai. They have created a pool with USDP/WxDAI/USDC, and the pool's liquidity providers will participate in the reward distribution in line with liquidity providers to current pools.


CoinGecko continues to support the xDai chain. Their latest feature allows users to add xDai-specific tokens directly to MetaMask from the CG interface.

Protocol Updates

🚰 xDai Faucet

A new faucet incorporated into BlockScout allows users to easily request $0.01 xDai. This is enough for several hundred transactions, and provides new users and applications an easy way to onboard without having to acquire xDai through the bridge or an exchange. The amount can be requested by an address once every 24 hours, effectively making transactions on xDai free.

🥩 POSDAO Updates

Epoch 44 has started, and there are currently (12/02/21 16:16 UTC) 16 validator pools and 184 delegators staking a total of 526,742 STAKE. Staking on xDai continues to grow week-over-week.

🐃 🦄 xDai at EthDenver

For the past several years, xDai has featured prominently at EthDenver, providing the underlying chain for the Burner Wallet so participants can purchase food and navigate the conference. This year there is no on-site wallet, but xDai is still being used behind the scenes for several conference activities.

DarkForest was the featured game in the BlockChain Arcade, the to allocate the 15,000 Dai Open Track prize pool is running on xDai, and of course all GitCoin Kudos and POAPs for attendees are minted on the xDai chain. We wish we could be there in person, but happy to support where we can!

⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 05/02/2021

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

📡 xDai Stable Coin Listed on AscendEX (BitMax)

The xDai/USDT pair has been listed on Bitmax. Now users can acquire xDai directly through the exchange without needing to bridge from Ethereum. This saves xDai users money on gas and provides a direct conduit to the xDai Chain. BitMax offers trading for both xDai/USDT and STAKE/USDT.

:construction_worker: POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 43 has started, with 16 validator pools and 173 delegators staking a total of 502,312 STAKE (as of 05/02/2021 17:00 UTC).

Staking Statistics:

✓ APY View added to BlockScout POSDAO Staking DApp

The POSDAO staking APY is dynamic and varies from pool-to-pool based on the number of delegators, the number of blocks skipped by a validator, and rewards from bridge fees. Current estimated APY varies from ~7.9% to almost 22% depending on the validator pool.

Learn more about how staking APY is calculated for different pools.

✓ OmniBridge: New Features Increase Decentralization

The latest OmniBridge release provides important new functionality for users bridging ERC20s between Ethereum and xDai. The biggest change is the new claiming feature, where users take control of claims when moving tokens from xDai to Ethereum. Other updates include:

  • Set “unlimited” unlock for tokens, reducing the need to process the unlock transaction each time.
  • Set an alternative RPC url in the Settings window
  • MOON and HNY tokens can now be transferred from xDai to Ethereum with the bridge! As a result, HNY tokens are now listed on Sushiswap.
  • More on the Claiming Process available here.

:writing_hand: Proposal Updates

✓ Maker Proposal Greenlit

The Maker Community voted overwhelmingly to Greenlight STAKE for consideration as a DAI collateral. Next, MAKER internal teams will review and evaluate STAKE for inclusion.

🍣 SushiSwap Onsen Proposal

We created a proposal to add STAKE (STAKE-ETH pair) to the SushiSwap Onsen menu. Onsen is a new liquidity mining incentivization program intended to bring positive long-term liquidity changes as well as ensure platform stability.

🦋 Project Updates

:man_astronaut: Xion DeFi DApp

Xion Global offers an intuitive and fun platform to earn interest and get rewards for crypto deposits through the platform. Swapping and farming all take place on xDai.

🍰 DollarCake Beta

The latest version of DollarCake is available for devs and Youtube video creators. DollarCake is designed to help YouTube creators and their communities earn crypto.

🦆 Unit Protocol Update

STAKE is available as a collateral on Unit Protocol, and the stability fee was reduced this week.

🌠 Block Monitor Integration

Block Monitor now allows users to view cross-chain accounts (xDai and Mainet) and monitor both xDai balances and STAKE balances on Ethereum!

⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 29/01/2021

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 42 has started, with 15 validator pools and 149 delegators staking a total of 447,425 STAKE (as of 29/01/2021 16:50 UTC).

Updated staking statistics for POSDAO on xDai & EasyStaking on Ethereum are available on the Dune Analytics Dashboard at

We are working to display additional statistics around expected APY for delegators within the staking application on BlockScout with plans to publish next week. Staking rewards vary based on several factors including the current quality of a validator's work (number of block skips) as well as the number of delegators in a pool. This display will help inform delegators when deciding which pools to stake into.

  • Pool Rewards: Based on number of blocks produced relative to other validators in the set during a staking epoch
  • Delegator Rewards: Vary based on how many delegators are in a pool and how many tokens a delegator has staked relative to other pool delegators.

xDai Network Transaction Milestone

10 Million Txs and counting on xDai!

Using STAKE in a Gnosis Safe for Governance

The Snapshot protocol is setup for voting by address rather than multi-sig contracts. However, with the help of WalletConnect, users can delegate STAKE stored in a Gnosis Safe on Ethereum to an address which can then vote on xDai proposals.

💸 Wallets

See the wallets section for more on the growing list of wallets that provide native support for xDai.

Alpha Wallet

WalletConnect support for xDai is now available with Alpha Wallet for both iOS and Android versions. In this explainer we show how to use it with HoneySwap to execute trades easily from your mobile wallet.

Torus Wallet

Torus add native xDai support to their OAuth enabled wallet.

🦋 Project Updates

Perpetual Protocol

Congrats to Perpetual Protocol - 7 weeks to the 3 comma club!


A powerful DAO framework that makes it easy for people all around the world to build the trustless, decentralized organizations of the future. Coming to Ethereum and xDai soon (contracts 95% complete - soft launch scheduled for Feb).

See the video below for a detailed run through and a sneak peak of many amazing platform features.

Dune Analytics

Gnosis, Perpetual Protocol and others are using Dune Analytics on xDai to display rich transaction and interaction data.

⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 22/01/2021

· 2 min read
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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🗻 POSDAO & Community Updates

Staking Epoch 41 started successfully with additional participation and a new validator! Stats and analytics are now available with Dune Analytics to monitor staking on xDai as well as Easy Staking on Ethereum.

🐝 1Hive New Validator

Welcoming 1Hive is a newly active POSDAO validator!

👨🚀 POAP for First 100

A commemorative POAP NFT was sent to the first 100 unique and active POSDAO delegators! View the details here:

✍ STAKE Proposals

Several proposals are currently circulating regarding the STAKE token.

Maker Application

Voting is ongoing to add STAKE as a Dai collateral. If the community votes to Greenlight STAKE, domain teams prioritize assessments of token risk, contracts and other variables to determine inclusion parameters.

🍯 HNY/STAKE Liquidity

A proposal to add additional STAKE and HNY liquidity to the HoneySwap pool is receiving good discussion and feedback in the 1Hive forum. Follow it here:

🛠 Dev Tools

⏳ DUNE Analytics

Dune Analytics announced an integration with xDai, providing devs with analytics tools and users with more transparency into on-chain operations.

💿 Remix

Remix is a popular Ethereum environment for testing, deploying and interacting with smart contracts. Remix also supports xDai with ease!

🦋 Project Updates

Upcoming Project Migrations, current project announcements and new projects on xDai.


  • We are going to have 2 Bao Farmer contracts, one on Ethereum mainnet and on the xDAI network (an Ethereum L2 sidechain).
  • The new xDAI chain contract will issue $BAO.CX (Bao Coupon XDAI) which will be redeemable 1:1 for Bao tokens on the main Ethereum chain.
  • Users will be able to pick to farm in either contract. Using the xDAI chain is simple and requires them to move their tokens via a bridge contract.

Perpetual Protocol Update

Usage highlights, volume and more!

API3 & Omen

Omen Coming Soon to xDai


Here now!

⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 15/01/2021

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

👩🏫 POSDAO Updates

Staking Epoch 40 is now active with 14 validator pools and ~121 delegators. During epoch 39 a validator pool was inactivated (mining address 0xb76756f95A9fB6ff9ad3E6cb41b734c1bd805103) due to excessive downtime.

Delegators on this pool (which happened to have the most delegators) received a smaller initial reward due to this downtime and associated block skips. Because staking epoch 39 was one of the first 3 staking epochs for delegators, and information on inactive pools was not readily available, staking rewards were distributed manually via Disperse, an open source built by core YFI contributor Banteg.

We’ve updated our information and FAQs for inactive validators, and we don’t expect a manual distribution to happen again in the future. With POSDAO staking there are inherent risks, and it is important for delegators to realize these risks and delegate appropriately.

Now that the epoch is complete, participants who delegated on this validator can to move their stake to other pools, claim existing rewards or withdraw as desired.This inactivation also highlighted the need for additional monitoring tools on validator health, and we are working to implement monitoring which will provide additional insights into validator performance. Currently, the Netstat tool at provides basic network performance metrics and can be useful when considering which validators to delegate on. *Note several additional non-validating nodes are also shown in the interface.


100 unique delegators have now actively participated in the protocol (with active STAKE in at least 1 staking epoch), and we plan to distribute an exclusive POAP to the first 100 by the end of the month. More information coming soon!


The BlockScout menu was updated to include links to the POSDAO Staking App as well as EasyStaking, Bridges, and other xDai-centric applications.

🐦 Twitter Update

After nearly a month, the xDai twitter account was finally unsuspended! We did not receive any information as to why it was suspended and assume it was a mistake, likely brought by an overly-sensitive AI 🤖 . We appreciate our community's patience and advocacy through the process and were confident it would be unsuspended. The timing of the suspension was unfortunate as it occurred right when public POSDAO was rolling out! We've resumed tweeting, and sent out a brief tweet updating the twitterverse on a few highlights they missed while we were away.

🧺 MakerDAO Collateral Meeting

Igor and Andrew along with special guest Patricio from POAP participated in a Maker Protocol Collateral Onboarding call. They presented on xDai and STAKE basics and answered questions from the community. It was an interesting discussion and Patricio in particular highlighted the benefits xDai offers to projects who need scalability now.

Next, the Maker risk management group will consider STAKE as a Dai collateral. We will provide more information as we receive it.

⏳ EasyStaking Dashboard: Dune Analytics

We are creating some dashboards with Dune Analytics. The EasyStaking dashboard on Ethereum shows some basics, and we are working to improve to include additional metrics. Look for more dashboards soon!

🦋 Project Updates

Dark Forest

The latest DarkForest competitive round has wrapped up, although community gameplay is ongoing.

v0.5 Winners Announcement:

Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual had a very successful month of trading on xDai. Excited to see the protocol and related volumes continuing to grow!


UNIFTY has added xDai support. Unifty is a new hub for NFT projects to create custom farms, NFT collections (and soon a lot more) with just a few clicks!

Cold Truth Culture is an example project using UNIFTY to expand NFT awareness.

⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 08/01/2021

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

We're excited to welcome in a new year with public POSDAO in production, STAKE governance and many exciting integrations on the horizon. We'll be updating our 2021 Roadmap over the next few weeks with additional development and project goals for the year.

Chain Usage Updates

xDai usage has already hit milestones in 2021! Since Jan 2 xDai has handled over 100K Tx/day.

Usage from the current Dark Forest round as well as increased adoption of trading platform have led the tx/day charge. Gas usage has also been increasing. As DF tweeted, gas usage on xDai exceeded gas usage on Ethereum in the first week of 2021. We expect some usage to taper off as the DF round ends at 11:59 pm EST, and it's been a great example of xDai's ability to scale and support applications that simply can't run on Ethereum at the moment.

:woman_astronaut: POSDAO Update

Public Staking on POSDAO continues to gain traction, with close to 100 delegators (80 unique) participating and nearing 400K STAKE staked in the protocol. We are excited to welcome our first 100 unique active delegators with an exclusive POAP - details coming soon. To be eligible, we recommend delegating in epoch 39!

BlockScout incorporated a new Apps Menu which includes links to Staking, EasyStaking and more.\

🦋 New Projects



Aagave Coming Soon

Aagave will include Aave fuctionality with a custom front end and other features!

:newspaper2: Project News

Gitcoin Grants GR8 Awards

Winners were announced for xDai applicants. $3000 in Dai was distributed by xDai and StakeHaus to the top 3 projects. Learn more about the projects here.

2020 Year in Review

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

As we pause to reflect on 2020 (pause playing DarkForest for a few minutes anyway 🙂 ) we are first and foremost grateful for the xDai community, users, and partners who have elevated the xDai chain and made it a resounding success. We could not have envisioned the level of adoption and number of projects that have flourished on xDai in 2020**. xDai is arguably the #1 most-used L2 scaling solution for Ethereum right now**, and has helped support the ecosystem by providing an option for low-cost, stable transactions while improving interoperability and cross-chain interaction.

Prior to 2020, a primary use-case for xDai centered around live events. xDai was experiencing a lot of growth with usage at Ethereum conferences, the Splunk Conference, RSA conference and more. At EthDenver 2020 xDai was used by conference attendees to buy food as well as navigate the conference, vote on hackathon entrants, and earn quest-based NFTs. The EthDenver Burner Wallet was extremely ambitious, pointing a way for the future of xDai as the go-to solution to power conferences and live events.

Then live events shut down. xDai could still be used for virtual events (and was adopted by KickBack to host their virtual events) and was still actively used by several projects, such as Grassroots Economics community currencies, but these also relied on face-to-face community interactions. Fortunately, xDai had several things going for it:

  1. Fast 5 second blocks.
  2. Stable inexpensive transactions.
  3. Robust open-source toolset (BlockScout, TokenBridge, and more).
  4. Interoperability, compatibility and synchronicity with Ethereum.
  5. Long-standing track record as a production blockchain.
  6. Strong developer and grassroots community.

In 2020 we set out to make xDai stronger and more decentralized by enabling governance and upgrading consensus to POSDAO, our own unique delegated proof-of-stake consensus. We cultivated partnerships, notably a primary partnership with Gnosis, and worked with many projects and DAOs to find creative solutions to navigate high gas fees on Ethereum.

We set ambitious goals for 2020, and were able to achieve them without compromising chain security, always the #1 directive of the team. Below are some highlights from a very busy year:

  • EthDenver 2020: Before the Covid hit the fan, xDai powered this final large-scale Ethereum event.
  • POSDAO Phase 1 (nominated validators): After over a year in development, private POSDAO launched April 1,2020.
  • ****🥩 STAKE token launch: A major milestone towards xDai decentralization, the STAKE governance token was offered as an IEO through Bitmax on April 28 and trading opened April 29. It was the first token to participate in the Bitmax pre-staking program. After launch, STAKE was added to other exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Exchange list.
  • ****👍 EasyStaking launch on Ethereum: EasyStaking launched to enable users on Ethereum to keep their STAKE on Ethereum while earning emission rewards. Rewards are divided between EasyStakers and Liquidity providers on Uniswap. EasyStaking is still a great option for users, and over 1M STAKE are currently in the EasyStaking contract.
  • Project migrations / launches: Too many to name, see the projects section for a more complete list. Highlights include: Circles UBI, Perpetual Protocol,, DarkForest, Foundation, POAP, Vocdoni & HoneySwap.
  • ****🤝 Partnerships & Integrations: Major announcements of integrations with Gnosis, Chainlink & HOPR.
  • DAOs: DAOs found xDai the perfect solution for community voting and governance processes. DAOHaus, MetaCartel, Raidguild, PrimeDAO and others moved their operations.
  • ****🌉 OmniBridge: The omnibridge lets users to easily transfer any ERC20s between Ethereum and xDai. This interoperability solution gives users instant access to Ethereum as needed. The architecture was developed by TokenBridge, and UI a collaborative effort with RaidGuild.
  • Reddit competition: Though no winner has been announced, xDai had a strong showing which brought a lot of attention to the value proposition offered by the xDai stable sidechain. The competition showcased xDai as well as the experimental qDai implementation. Reddit Gitbook
  • ****💸 Fiat onramp: Ramp network integration allows users to buy xDai directly with a debit card.
  • BlockScout, TokenBridge, Nethermind, and Dev Tools: The BlockScout and TokenBridge teams both made major improvements to their open-source products to support the xDai chain. BlockScout introduced the POSDAO staking app, bridged tokens list, contract validation methods and many more features. TokenBridge worked to improve the xDai Bridge and the Omnibridge. Nethermind optimized for POSDAO, creating a 2nd client option for nodes. The toolset for developers also expanded with many projects deploying their infrastructure to xDai.
  • Governance expansion: Bridge governance was extended to additional validators, and community voting was enabled through snapshot to further decentralize the xDai chain.
  • ****⛽ Gas consumption milestone: In November, total gas consumed on xDai hit 1,000,000,000,000+. Transactions on xDai steadily increased over the year, with some larger spikes due to Dark Forest, Circles UBI and xDai is exceeding 80K tx per day as the year comes to a close.
  • ****📰 Media features: As xDai came into the spotlight as a scalability solution for Ethereum, media outlets also noticed: Coindesk, Bankless, OurNetwork, and more featured coverage of the xDai chain.
  • ****🎉 Public POSDAO launch: The Public POSDAO launch on Dec 23 was a culmination of years of work by the team. Delegation amounts were lowered to 200 STAKE thanks to a community vote, and the first public rewards were distributed to delegatros. We are very excited to move into 2021 with a network that is more decentralized and secure than ever before!

This brings us to playing DarkForest (DF) as 2020 comes to an end. DF on xDai encapsulates much of what made the year a success. DF leverages xDai to provide a real-time experience for users where they can make 1000s of ZKsnark-based transactions without worrying about tx cost or processing delays. This is done with a customized and reenvisioned burner wallet; blockchain novices can start playing immediately without even knowing they are transacting on a blockchain. It’s a fun, real-time strategy game made possible by xDai’s unique blockchain attributes.

Version 0.4 was first introduced on xDai in August, and the heavy infrastructure demands caused some slowdowns for users. The teams learned from these issues, and xDai and Nethermind optimized infrastructure to anticipate tx volume and traffic spikes, creating a much-improved experience this time around. This is just one example of the xDai team's dedication to constant improvements and feature development as blockchain adoption tilts towards the mainstream.

We are now working to expand and develop our 2021 xDai Roadmap. We are very excited for new partnerships, projects and use-cases in the coming year! Here are a few preliminary items we are researching:

  • Consensus (staking) monitoring and analytics integrations
  • Privacy preserving transactions
  • Universal NFT bridge
  • Synthetic Asset exploration
  • Optimistic Rollup / Optimistic Bridge research and integration
  • Expansion of the xDai grant program for developers

We wish you a very happy new year and are excited for the blockchain innovations and developments to come in 2021!

-The xDai Team

⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 18/12/2020

· 3 min read
Archive Post

This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

POSDAO Staking Updates

We are very excited to be closing in on the public launch of staking and delegation on xDai. We are completing our final rounds of testing and have been releasing videos on how to complete basic processes such as bridging STAKE, delegating STAKE, and claiming rewards.

See the Become a Delegator section for a basic overview, and the Staking Operations section for details on using the Staking DApp.

We've also drafted an example reward scenario which compares potential staking rewards for EasyStaking, LP Providers, POSDAO delegators and POSDAO validators.

:construction_worker: BlockScout Smart Contract Verification

BlockScout added a new feature with devs in mind to the xDai block explorer instance. Now smart contracts can be verified in 2 ways. It is still possible to use a flattener, but the new method is designed for ease of verification. Devs can simply upload all contract source files and JSON metadata, and the contract can be verified. This feature leverages Sourcify, and makes verification easier than ever.

:christmas_tree: Swether NFTs

Just in time for the holidays you can create your own custom NFT in a holiday sweater pattern, and the xDai logo is one a handful available to add! This fun project is made possible by The Treum team, part of ConsenSys Mesh.

Bonus for US residents - mint a token and get a FREE SWEATSHIRT with your design on it! Swether minting season ends Dec 31, 2020.

🦋 Project Updates

Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual Protocol mainnet is now live and running on xDai! Perpetual Protocol uses a streamlined system to allow traders to gain the benefits of xDai scaling without having to set up your wallet or exchange tokens.


Omen Prediction markets competition is LIVE on the xDai Chain.


Etherisc Insurance Contracts deployed to xDai.


ZeroAlpha art market launced on xDai Chain!

Gnosis Protocol

GP continues their testing rounds along with incentives for new users.

:deciduous_tree: Gitcoin GR8 Hackathon Ends

Several projects submitted entries to the hackathon. We will be looking them over in the coming weeks and selecting the best projects deployed on xDai to receive bounties for their efforts.

xDai-related projects including the Nethermind Client, Buidl Guidl, Nifty Ink, KickBack and others will also receive matching funds through the GR8 Grants Program.

Twitter Update

The xDai Chain official Twitter account was suspended for unknown reasons on Tuesday, December 15. We have contacted Twitter and have not heard anything back from their team regarding reasons for the suspension or steps for remediation. They are reporting delays for reviews and responses of accounts at the moment. We hope to hear back from them soon.

In the meantime we will post updates on our Telegram Announcement Channel as well as relevant tweets from other xDai related domains (BlockScout and TokenBridge).