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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 08/05/2020

· 2 min read
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Pre-Staking with STAKEVAULT

This week BitMax announced STAKEVAULT and the first token to be included in this program was STAKE! It’s been a runaway success, it's easy to do and users are earning 36.4% APR on STAKE.

Here are the latest stats from the first 4 days of the program!

  • 95 users staking
  • 373,802.52 STAKE staked.

STAKE on UniSwap

STAKE made its first appearance on a DEX - it is now available to trade on UniSwap with a custom URL.

TokenBridge Grant Award

The TokenBridge project, which powers xDai interoperability (for both Dai -> xDai and STAKE) received funding support from the Ethereum Ecosystem Support Program. While not directly related to xDai, this grant will help support new features and enhanced functionality for the bridge that will directly impact the xDai chain.

Wallet Improvements

Nifty Wallet now supports STAKE. Nifty is a great MetaMask alternative that includes native support for xDai and now STAKE support on the Ethereum Mainnet.

🔥 Burner Wallet instructions- we’ve added some tutorials on how to use basic Burner Wallet features. We are working on some burner-based giveaways, stay tuned for more and familiarize yourself with this awesome wallet at

AMA with CryptoDaku

The team completed another fast and furious AMA - tons of questions and a very engaged community. We will post some of our favorites soon.