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👷‍♀️ POSDAO Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 56.\ **\ **There are 16 validator pools with 245 delegators staking a total of 547,277 STAKE.\ \ High pool APY is currently 20.03%, low is 12.89% (stats as of 07/05/2021 16:60 UTC).

📊 Network Statistics

Tx/Day ATH reached

Transactions on xDai continue to grow. May 12 saw the largest number of txs to date, with 319K+ transactions on the network.

Green Chain

Bitcoin and Ethereum mining energy expenditure is back in the news. xDai has always been a green chain - last year total energy expenditure was equal to 2.1 US Households.

Bitcoin and Ethereum combined use the equivalent of the 23rd largest country in the world.

:classical_building: Governance Updates

Stakefish Proposal to join Validator Set

After a good deal of discussion and merits of adding an additional professional node operator to xDai (01Node also recently added), the Stakefish proposal will likely pass. Currently the voting is 100% Yes with less than 24 hours remaining).

Stakefish will be onboarded as a new validator with plans to bring new resources and expertise to the chain. No funds will be sent from the ecosystem fund, instead an existing POA validator will be transferred to Stakefish.

Funding Proposal for xDai Branding

As signaled by the community, 525K Stake was alloted from the Ecosystem fund to the Raidguild team to begin with their rebranding proposal. Next steps will involve a Sprint, Proposal, and Refinement over the course of the next several months.

Matching SushiSwap Incentives Proposal

A proposal to introduce matching incentives as LP rewards (1M in Stake from xDai to match 1M in Sushi from Sushiswap) was a highly debated proposal with many comments and more than 80 voters. The proposal was initiated from the Sushiswap side which resulted in some contingencies related to vote timing. Despite being an expedited proposal, there was a lot of conversation discussing the merits and drawbacks and a lot of engagement from the community. The final vote resulted in 66% in favor of the additional incentives.

Voting Report

✏️ Protocol Updates

Berlin Hardfork on xDai

May 17 is quickly approaching for the xDai upgrade to Berlin. All validators and any projects using xDai should update their nodes. (OpenEthereum v3.2.5+, Nethermind v1.10.71+)

  • Date: May 17
  • Block: #16101500
  • Time: ~13:24 UTC

🌉 OmniBridge Updates

NFT OmniBridge Sneak Peek

:mag_right: BlockScout Updates

UI Customizations include additional items added to the Apps Menu and trading icons to easily access HoneySwap, SushiSwap or Swapr for tokens on xDai.

🦋 Project Updates

Project Page Updates

Explore xDai diversity and the the more than 100+ projects and growing currently deployed on the xDai chain. We updated our projects page to include additional NFT and DeFi projects and more. If you have a project utilizing xDai, please get in touch so we can add it to our list.

Cryptokek Integration

Agave Lending

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Archive Post

This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

👷‍♂️ POSDAO Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 55.\ **\ **There are 16 validator pools with 261 delegators staking a total of 578,082 STAKE, a 30K+ increase in amount staked from the previous week. \ \ High pool APY is currently 19.07%, low is 12.89% (stats as of 07/05/2021 17:00 UTC).

📊 Network Statistics

We use a variety of tools to view xDai Metrics including:

Total OverView: BlockScout

  • 1.1Million Wallets
  • 23 Million Total Transactions

April 2021 Usage: AnyBlock Analytics

  • 4.2 Million Transactions
  • 1 Trillion Gas Usage
  • 46 Thousand Distinct Senders

Utilization by Project: Dune Analytics

May 6 Snapshot:

  • Other: 83023
  • Perpetual Protocol: 54127
  • RANDAO (on-chain random number generation): 7103
  • Honeyswap: 3811
  • Bao Finance: 1426
  • AMB Bridge: 1288
  • xDai Bridge: 579

Bridged Token Analytics

Bridged Token Heatmap by Value:

Top 10 according to

STAKE$6.71Mnote: missing locked validator tokens, actual value $13,780,797 USD

✏️ Protocol Updates

Berlin Hardfork on xDai

The date and block number have been announced for the xDai upgrade to Berlin. All validators and any projects using xDai should update their nodes. (OpenEthereum v3.2.5, Nethermind v1.10.67)

  • Date: May 17
  • Block: #16101500

Client Support

Both OpenEthereum and Nethermind support the latest xDai updates.

🌉 OmniBridge Updates

After a successful security audit, OmniBridge upgrades are underway. Documentation was added for the following:

  • Alternate Receiver: Bridge tokens from an address on one chain to a second address on another chain).
  • Define Custom RPCs: Set your own RPC endpoints for bridge interaction.
  • Infinite Unlock: Approve all transfers of a token with a single tx rather than for each transfer.
  • Reverse Mode: Coming Soon. Bridge tokens minted on xDai to Ethereum/BSC

:mag_right: BlockScout Updates

BlockScout now supports EIP1155 Tokens, with recent updates to include Metadata support.

1155 MetaData Support Added

🦋 Project Updates


GnosisSafe Application

Mt Pelerin Bridge Wallet

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Archive Post

This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

👷‍♂️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 54.\ **There are 16 validator pools with 250 delegators staking a total of 544,012 STAKE. High pool APY is currently 19.02%, low is 13.10%** (stats as of 30/04/2021 16:00 UTC).

🌉 OmniBridge Audit Completed

ChainSecurity completed an audit of the OmniBridge contracts. The final report identified 0 Critical or High Risk Issues, 2 Medium Issues and 3 Low Risk Issues all of which were acknowledged and/or accepted. Next, the team will implement the latest contracts which will include reverse functionality (token minting on xDai, bridge minted tokens to Ethereum) and other audited features.

See the report:

🦋 Project Updates

:earth_americas: Genesis Vision & Perpetual Protocol

Two projects on xDai working together to provide new options for traders.

:small_red_triangle_down: Peerion & pNetwork

🦉 Minerva Faucet :potable_water:

Minerva is providing a faucet for MIVA holders, and an excellent explainer that shows users options for getting just a little bit of xDai - all that's needed to complete many transactions.

:capital_abcd: Node Providers

Two projects announced API support for xDai chain users.

AnyBlock Analytics


:frame_photo: NFT Projects

xDai provides a green landing and launching pad 🚀 for a variety of NFT Projects.

:mag_right: BlockScout ERC1155 Support

BlockScout continues to innovate as an explorer. The latest update for xDai includes 1155 support, a standard which is rapidly gaining popularity as a way to transfer NFT collections.

🍔 McDonalds Coin

A parody art project and trading game now live on xDai.

❄️ Snowflakes Hash

🐝 Beezu Coming Soon

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

🔥 Exchange Listing and Trading Campaign

Huobi Global launched STAKE trading/staking campaigns on April 20th, providing up to 12,400 STAKE as rewards! The featured STAKE staking campaign returns an estimated 130.35% APY 👀

Multiple listing pairs include:

👷‍♀️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 53.\ **There are 16 validator pools with 277 delegators staking a total of 558,362 STAKE. High pool APY is currently 22.15%, low is 12.54%** (stats as of 23/04/2021 17:00 UTC).

☀️ xDai Dune Analytics Dashboard

A new Dune Dashboard was enabled to track xDai transactions and project utilization. It is available at

:potable_water: Faucet Update

xDai Faucet is back along with some verification methods to thwart abuse and provide xDai to users who need some gas for tx. Community members can receive and give back to the faucet!

☎️ xDai Community Call

We held a community call on discord primarily focused on future directions for xDai and improving governance processes for researchers interested in exploring the xDai future. An interesting area of research is related to rollups, and a working group was formed in Discord to research what it might take to incorporate with Ethereum 2.0.

🦋 Project Updates

📲 Perpetual Protocol

xDai Founder Igor Barinov participated in the Perpetual Protocol Community Call, giving users an overview of xDai and how Perpetual leverages the chain to provide fast & free trades.

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision is a multimarket social trading platform now available on xDai!

🦜 pNetwork and PeerionDAO

Community members can now co-own a pNetwork node on xDai

:deciduous_tree: Eporio EarthDay Event

xDai is a green chain, and Eporio NFT Marketplace held an event to celebrate Earth Day and plant trees IRL!

🎆 Fraction Token

Fraction token launched on xDai as an interesting experiment in fractional ownership. Only 1 token exists, and holders can trade, stream and provide liquidity on xDai.

🦢 Swapr

Swapr DEX routes users to the Dex on xDai with the best prices. Their stats page now also includes xDai liquidity (just select xDai from the dropdown)

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Archive Post

This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

👷‍♀️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 52.\ **There are 16 validator pools with 272 delegators staking a total of 536,276 STAKE. High pool APY is currently18.82%, low is 10.87%** (stats as of 16/04/2021 16:40 UTC).

:money_mouth: 20 Million Total Transactions Milestone

Real world usage! Transactions have eclipsed 20,000,000 total transactions over the life of the xDai chain.

:mag_right: BlockScout Improvements

BlockScout Explorer customizations continue to improve the xDai experience. The new cancel transaction feature lets users quickly and easily deal with stuck transactions.

🌉 BSC OmniBridge Feature Update

Moving assets between bridges can be difficult if you don't have native assets. The latest upgrade to the BSC bridge lets users send wrapped BNB to the Binance Smart Chain from xDai and receive BNB directly on BSC. Users can then use the native BNB to pay for txs and process additional bridge transfers between chains.

🦋 Project News & Updates

🔈 MakerDAO L2 Community Call

The xDai team participated in a call with the MakerDAO Community to discuss on-chain scalability, Optimism, what is or isn't an L2 and many other topics. Checkout the video

:person_playing_water_polo: PoolTogether xDai support

PoolTogether community builder now supports xDai. Users can easily create no-loss savings pools.

📜 RaidGuild Smart Invoice Launch

📈 Derify Protocol on xDai

Derify chooses to launch on xDai. Read more on their decision making process

:honey_pot: TradingView integrates with HoneySwap

🦉 "7 Ways to Get xDai" Explainer by Minerva

Minerva Wallet created a simple doc detailing the many ways new users can get xDai right now.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

📽️ Project News & Updates

🦉Gnosis Auction

Gnosis Auction is live on Mainnet and xDai! Auctions have already started on Ethereum, and we expect a large auction coming to xDai 🔜!

💳 CardStack

Cardstack announces Card Pay payment and reward network integration with xDai.

📜 Request Network

Request integrates with xDai to provide invoicing and crypto payment services with low fees!

🏦 DeBank

DeBank has added support for DeFi projects on xDai. The DeBank dashboard provides easy insight and cross-chain portfolio management.

🖥️ Ankr API

Ankr is now integrated with xDai and instructions are available for using their API services.

💎 World Economic Forum Summit

Events are back! A custom burner wallet was featured at the World Economic Fund Global Technology Governance Summit where users could trade NFTs on xDai.

Chainlink continues their support for xDai with a new tutorial on their blog.


TokenPocket announced they support xDai - users will be able to connect their wallet to xDai chain to access xDai-based DeFis and DApps.

🦈 Mixsome Cash

Mixsome is running on xDai with their DeFi action flows, all with varying APYs. Transactions are bundled and simplified to give more DeFi access to new users.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

📽️ Project News & Updates

🛳️ Build with Cargo

Cargo announced support for xDai. Create tens of thousands of unique NFTs in one transaction while paying cents for gas fees.

🏰 DAOHaus HAUS token and farm launch

DAOHaus launched their token and farms on xDai and also introduced UberHaus - DAO that governs the DAOhaus platform and ecosystem.

🔗 Chainlink Today article about xDai and recent Chainlink integration

Learn more about the recent integration of Chainlink decentralized price feeds on xDai.

💵 Mixsome Cash

Mixsome, fiat on-ramp, and strategy aggregator will leverage xDai chain to open yield generating possibilities to everyone.

⭐ MyCrypto Memberships

Save money on gas by paying for your MyCrypto membership using xDai.

🦔 Hedgey Finance

Hedgey is bringing decentralized financial derivates protocol to xDai.

🗲 YFX Derivatives Trading

YFX is adopting xDai for its cross-chain decentralized perpetual contract trading platform.

🖥️ Ankr API services

Ankr is expanding its user-friendly API services to xDai.

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

👷‍♀️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 49 ends around 04:40 UTC March 28. There are 16 validator pools with 265 delegators staking a total of 561,890 STAKE. High pool APY is currently 20.01%, low is 9.99% (stats as of 26/03/2021 14:15 UTC).

:money_mouth: 1 Million Wallets Milestone

🧗‍♀️ Staking Steady Climb

Stakers continue to add to the protocol and receive staking rewards. Over 23,500 STAKE have been claimed by participants as rewards for securing the protocol.

🌉 Bridge Update

The new state-channels bridge from 1Hive and Connext is a fast and simple Dai bridge between xDai and Polygon. A new era of interoperability begins!

🦋 Project News & Updates

:cherry_blossom: Orchid Protocol Integration

Orchid announced an xDai integration, providing pay-as-you-go VPN for as little as $1.00. By using xDai, Orchid is able to provide accessible and affordable VPN service for the global community.

:satellite_orbital: Origin Trail Live

Origin Trail is now live on xDai. Uploaded datasets have already reached an all time high with the integration!

🤝 Giveth Platform Launch

The new Giveth platform supports Ethereum and xDai! Projects can create campaigns and collect donations in a variety of supported tokens. Giving is easy too! With the Torus integration philanthropists can interact using an email, google, twitter, facebook etc. The platform is designed to bring in new users to blockchain through a friendly UX.

🦉 Minerva Wallet

Minerva mobile wallet provides a unique 'Multi-Account-Multi-Network' user interface simplifies privacy and avoids account linkages. It is tightly integrated with xDai and their token launch provides funding for the project to provide additional key integrations, such as fiat onramps, swaps and bridge integrations and a roadmap for Circles UBI, BrightID and more. They are using Superfluid on xDai to stream their airdrop - another innovation!

:ferris_wheel: Funfair Labs Payloads Game

FunFair labs is launching their first game on xDai. Payloads is a fun casino style game where players choose a square and win if a payload is dropped nearby.

💰 imToken Wallet Support

imToken mobile wallet provides browser support and wallet interaction for your favorite applications on xDai. This multi-chain wallet makes for intuitive cross-chain interaction.

📰 MyCrypto xDai Wallet Support and Article Series

MyCrypto browser wallet and app supports xDai. They recently released a 3-part series about the xDai chain. Read more :point_down:

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

👷‍♂️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 48 ends around 22:30 UTC March 20. There are 16 validator pools with 253 delegators staking a total of 545,127 STAKE. Highest pool APY is currently 20.77%, lowest is 10.54%.(stats as of 19/03/2021 16:00 UTC).\ \ Staking Statistics:

POSDAO contracts and the POSDAO staking app were successfully upgraded to the latest versions on March 18, 2021 at 8:00am UTC.

:map: Ecosystem Fund Roadmap

The xDai ecosystem unlocks will begin soon, and this will provide partner funding, additional bug bounties, a 1M grants program, and additional liquidity for xDai DEXs. The roadmap provides information about how the Ecosystem is planning to use these funds to increase adoption and usage. We will continue to add items as they arise.

:fox: MetaMask icon added to BlockScout and Omnibridge

The new icon is designed to make it easy to add new bridged tokens to your xDai wallet. When bridging, it appear in the OmniBridge interface, and is also available in BlockScout for any bridged token. The easiest way to access a list of bridged tokens is from the Tokens Dropdown.

🦋 Project News & Updates

xDai collaborates with Immunefi to offer $2 Million Bug Bounty for Bridge.

This is the largest know bug bounty currently in the Defi Space! As xDai usage continues to grow, security of user funds is our number one priority. Immunify is leading the way in the white hat space, and this collaboration sets a new standard for security. We plan to offer additional bounties for our other applications to provide xDai users piece of mind with the xDai protocol.


Streamr Data Unions brings 14K users immediately to xDai, with many more to follow. Data Unions enable sharing and consumption of decentralized data by connecting data providers with data buyers. Every Data Union will be deployed to xDai, and published to the Streamr Marketplace with built-in conduits to the Ethereum mainnet! and DAOfiDex is a crowdsale platform that allows users to purchase portions of NFTs by breaking the ERC-721s into a set of ERC-20s. DAOfiDex launched the dex for trading these sets on xDai to facilitate a fast, simple and inexpensive trading experience.

xDai <-> Polygon Bridge

Further expanding L2 sidechain interoperability, the 1Hive team deployed a Connext state channel bridge between xDai and Polygon (Matic). Users can simply and seamlessly move Dai on Polygon into xDai and vice versa, for very low transaction costs.

Origin Trail

The Origin Trail team is closing in on their V5 launch, tentatively scheduled for March 23.


Agave, and Aave fork coming soon to xDai, launched its new landing page. The $AGVE token is available to trade on HoneySwap, and the lending protocol is coming soon!

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This post is more than one year old. The information may be outdated. Check the latest posts.

👷‍♂️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


We are currently nearing the end of Epoch 47. There are 16 validator pools with 242 delegators staking a total of 545,127 STAKE (as of 12/03/2021 18:00 UTC).

This Week:

  • New buttons/links added to POSDAO staking app including Add xDai to MetaMask feature.
  • Market Cap surpassed 100M, Tx/day approaching 250K.

Staking Statistics:

🦋 Project News


Superfluid streams now available on xDai. Already being incorporated by DAOs and others to provide regular, automated income streams.

Mt Pelerin

The bridge wallet is now compatible with xDai, and includes a new Fiat onramp, allowing users directly access to xDai with a bank transfer

MultiChain XYZ

Upgrade adds xDai to multichain nodes!


MyCrypto article series on xDai continues with the 2nd installment, all about bridges and interoperability.


A new decentralized messaging platform from the FoundryDAO now on xDai. Uncensorable messages on chain!!/post?block=14825263&hash=0x4259f4a24052e0aad9968bc6c60cf029cc990546fe76c2a3a3d80c81e30a70d6


FunFair showcased their new multiplayer game in development on xDai called Payloads. Gameplay was smooth, fun and fast!

Unlock Protocol

Unlock lets you easily lock and manage access to your content, apps, community and even real life events and spaces. Now on xDai!


xDai is the first planned integration for Cargo, Coming Soon!


Eporio introduced their NFT airdrops feature, allowing users to send NFTs to multiple users on xDai.

Nifty Chess Tournament

Nifty Chess continues to bring NFTs to the chess world with tournaments and xDai airdrops!